Sew What…
A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

This 70-page eBook is an introduction to sewing. Written for new sewers and confident beginners, the information is this eBook is designed to start at the beginning and move in small steps to help you understand the sewing process, building your skills as you go. Included are instructions for five simple sewing projects that lets you practice what you are learning.

Sew What…A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

10 Reasons the Sew What eBook May Be For You

  1. You want to learn to sew but don’t know how or where to begin. This eBook is a great starting point that will put you in motion.

  2. You’ve sewn before but haven’t made anything in a while. The Sew What eBook will get you going again. It’s a refresher course that will inspire you to re-start.

  3. You’ve just begun to sew but you aren’t getting the results you want. Tips on how to sew successfully, what tools you need to get started, and how to shop for a sewing machine are just a few of the useful topics you’ll find in this eBook to help you increase your sewing skills.

  4. You want to teach someone else to sew. Starting at the beginning of the book and working your way through it with a student is a great way to launch someone on the right path as they begin to sew.

  5. You tried to sew but gave up after one or two attempts. It’s easy to talk yourself out of learning to sew if you get off to a rough start. There’s a lot to absorb in the beginning and knowing how to take it step by step keeps you from being overwhelmed.

  6. You’ve never used a sewing machine before. While this eBook doesn’t address your specific machine, it does provide some basic information for all sewing machines that you need to know.

  7. You want a good foundation on which to build your sewing skills. No matter what type of sewing you want to do – garments, home dec, quilting, etc., the information in this book will put you on the right path.

  8. You know a new sewist who needs some direction. The Sew What eBook makes a useful gift for someone interested in starting to sew. Adding fabric for one or more of the projects in the book is a great way to encourage the new stitcher to jump in and begin to sew.

  9. You want a reference for useful information such as understanding thread tension and needle details. Much of the material in this eBook is practical info that is helpful, no matter how long you’ve been sewing.

  10. You may be thinking about sewing but are not sure it is for you. As an introduction to sewing, this eBook can help. Read through the pages, try a few techniques, and make one or all of the projects. By that time, you’ll know if sewing is something that speaks to you as a fun activity and a creative outlet.

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